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really tired today

Was gonna do a quick little 5 hour road trip today, but wow am I ever tired. Instead I'm trying to write up an email summarizing what I think of how b2evolution v2 feels to use. More or less. I figured I'd take a break from it and look back at this… more »
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the end

200 more miles and I'm in the front door. A while ago actually, but whatever. Nice road trip. The car is at a car wash getting too much spent on pampering it. And by extension me the next time I drive it. I'm thinking that'll be tomorrow but I need… more »


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Wi-fi should be everywhere and it should be free. I'm using someone's signal again. From Dennys. I should have this sort of connectivity at every rest area along the highway. I should have instant access without reservation at parks and libraries.… more »
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Another record day

1040 miles in 15.5 hours. 67 miles an hour average over the day. From Russellville AK to Holbrook AZ - not bad. Now I'm in a Motel6 enjoying their wifi signal. Motel6 doesn't advertise free wi-fi, but every now and then you can get a signal because… more »

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A road trip test drive blog, meaning I take a road trip and check out b2evo v2. From PHX to ISP by ground. In an '05 Thunderbird without a map. Not that I don't know where I'm going - it's the thought that counts.
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