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i forget what this was gonna be about


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i forget what this was gonna be about

I forget but right now I'm thinking about real estate above the post window. When I open a new tab in FF I don't see the post button anymore, so I'm thinking about real estate again. The line that says "New post in blog: EdB" can go at the beginning of the space that says version and server time. In color of course to get a bit of eye-pop on it. Oh wait that means losing the option of switching a post to a different blog after starting it. :(

Laundry is in the dryer. I'm tired from yesterday. Today, except for being tired, could easily beat yesterday's distance and time. Got a lot of 75 zones in front of me now. And very few cities. :)

Oh yeah now I remember! I wasn't supposed to be saying "give me a pony" but that seems to be what I'm doing. Oh well! Inserting a photo as a post is a cool thing, but drop the dot extension from the post name. The only way to click a photo into a post means it gets the div-div-caption treatment. Flowing text around on the right or left should be clickable options. After 0.9.* died I never bothered re-hacking that hack. All I do is type in the class I want, but how is a noob supposed to know they can do that? I'm thinking when you click on the 'img' button you should get a popup that asks how you want to div/class it. Default to div-div-caption, and maybe make the default be settable.

People like photos is the thing. So I'm thinking a lot about posting photos on this road trip. Not exactly the easiest thing in the world ya know? Take picture, email picture to self. Okay cool, but now it's open Thunderbird to get and save the photo to my desktop then open a browser to the Files tab and upload the photo. Now I can make a post out of it immediately, or insert the image in a post. In a perfect world emailing the photo would put it in file manager, and maybe post it as an image right then and there. If not then I should be able to open a browser to the Write screen, open the Files popup, select an image then select how I want the image styled, and be done. And because this is a smarter skin the photo automagically fits the available width in the main column.

Whatever eh?


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