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new skin!


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new skin!

Hooray for new skinz! evopress now. Used to be 'kubrick' for WP. I ported it and tweaked it, and now for v2 Francois has ported it and renamed it 'evopress'. Cool. It needs a touch of giraffe though. That was a port I should have done because it's not unattractive and it's got one cool gimmick.

The "do it" buttons under the textarea suck to reach when you're using a laptop with a sensitive little touchpad. I gotta be really careful where I pass the pointer just in case it decides I double-clicked when I go to slide the cursor. So now even though everything has "send" under the message you're sending I want it somewhere else. Right between "cats" and "visibility" on the sidebar would have them accessible without being too weird. I think.

okay breakfast then highway.

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