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really tired today


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really tired today

Was gonna do a quick little 5 hour road trip today, but wow am I ever tired. Instead I'm trying to write up an email summarizing what I think of how b2evolution v2 feels to use. More or less. I figured I'd take a break from it and look back at this blog, then do a 'blog post level' cut at what I'm trying to write up.

6 pages at 5 posts per page means at least 26 posts. Some short, some long. Some with pictures. I didn't test everything. It's hard to do that without dedicating time to learning, and people don't like to do that. I got annoyed before beginning the trip that I can't blog by email. If I could have I would have gotten annoyed at how limited that "feature" is. It's basically crap is the thing. Yeah b2evolution can do it, but just barely. Only the person who can edit and upload files can blog by email, and then only to one category in one blog. Not good. For this road trip I had to email myself photos from the phone (though other ways probably exist to get them off the phone), then save them to my computer, then upload them, then post them. Totally un-friendly process. And it can be so much better! A blogger should be able to say "here deal with this email" and have it do all sorts of cool stuff. Like saving and posting pictures because I emailed them in. That would have been cool, but it wasn't even close to possible.

The back office is sparse in simple mode and loaded in expert mode. That's sort of to be expected, but it's extreme. Simple is really good though it should have the "link to url" field there. Expert should be called extreme instead. Everything turns on. Some of it shouldn't. Like options that you can turn off and not be bothered with unless you want it later. For example right now I have a video toolbar and a code toolbar and an excerpt field. Cool, except I have no intention of using them so they're a waste of space. OTOH the main body and the sidebar take up the same amount of real estate so ... ;)

One of the biggest changes in v2 is the addition of the evobar. For those into b2evolution's back office stuff, it's a "toolbar" that sits above the back office pages.

That reminds me of another issue: the damned image uploader can't do flowing text. b2evolution can, but the only method available without typing code is the block you see above. There is no alt text and no caption because I couldn't set it when uploading the image - something I can do in v1.10.2 and something I already miss in v2. So now I gotta go back to the file manager and edit the image's properties. Something I've no way of guessing will lead to displayable information about the photo. Now the same photo with some extra info:

evobar screen shot
This shows the cool new evobar (circled in red - duh) on my 2.0 test blog on the dashboard page.

I should include that in my email but I don't want to be a whiny little bitch ya know? Aw what the heck!

Bottom line is I don't see anything that makes me start looking around for a different CMS/blog application. A few changes in the past have pissed me off greatly, but not this time. Interfacing the back office nicely is a real pain. There's way too much going on to make it dumb is the thing. No matter what it's complex, and a complex interface will alway be complex. Some sort of "overall philosophy" needs to exist in the back office. Something I can get used to if I choose to use b2evolution without getting used to each and every detail back there.

PS: The new quicktags toolbar is good and bad. WTF do I have to see a button for "b" and "i" when I already and still have "str" and "em"? And how come I don't have a button for "h3"? Blog title should be H1, page title and post titles should be H2, and I should be able to section my post according to H3 sections if I want. Instead I get "b is for bold if you're too old to know that "str" is the new "b" tag. No worries though. It's not like having extra stuff horizontally is an issue...

Normally the PS thing is supposed to be after you say something like "sincerely me" because that's the way it is, but tough: that's the way it WAS. Here in the new world you can have a PS wherever you want one. It's not like PS means anything. It's just a pair of letters sitting there. Doing whatever it is that PS does. ... er ... um ... Aw crap now I forgot why I wanted to add something after my PS. That's embarrassing :oops:


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