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smarter skins and stuff


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smarter skins and stuff

I was thinking when posting from the phone that it's too bad a skin can't tell the back office what the maximum width of the main body and the sidebar is in pixels so that file manager could be told "post this only shrink it to fit if it's too large". Especially with public skin switching being a thing of the past. That way I could shoot 640 wide and let file manager tweak the width and height parameters for inserting the code down to (for example) 438 wide. When I forced a photo to 480 wide in the evopress skin it's still too big, so 438 is just a guess. When the blogger changes skins it'd mess things up maybe, and a skin that stretches to fit the monitor would have to use available pixels based on 1024 wide, but it would make posting photos so much easier because they would simply fit. In a perfect world the image would be stored in full size and tweaked for the skin. So like photo.jpg becomes itself and photo_skinname.jpg on the server, with a line under the photo allowing the blogger to select the shrunken version.

Back on blogging by email, and thinking about the "post this image as a post" trick, it'd be cool if you could blog by email with a field somewhere that told b2evolution "this is an email for blogging but since it's an image without text go ahead and make a post out of it. Between the two the photos I took along the road and emailed myself as soon as I took them would have been blog posts that properly fit the skin. Aw heck the 'advanced stuff' bit of file manager could use the subject or body of an email as the caption field. Then it's full-on live blogging with pictures and text from a cell phone.

I'm doing laundry right now so there you go.


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