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The land that time forgot


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The land that time forgot

I didn't look, but I got this feeling the room has a rotary phone in it.

Econo Lodge? I think that's where I am, but a freakin old one! I brought the laptop to the restaurant figuring on figuring out the phone's chip and the SD Adapter I got so I can download pics straight to the PC, then figured out I forgot the stupid phone.

Some blog thoughts then?

(by the way the restaurant reminds me of restaurants along the highway 20 years ago. Creepy feeling ya know? Drive from sunny blue skies into wet gray punctuated by heavy thundershowers.)


Everything should be 'per blogger' seems like the right philosophy. Maybe not always, and probably not per blog, but whatever.

For instance my time zone, and blogging by email. Both have been discussed privately recently but I'm gonna throw it out here while I'm eating a breakfast that would have been "at home" in a 1972 diner. Most skins have a time of day posting, but for me these have no value. Even with traveling. My time is on my dashboard, local time is on my phone, and whatever time is on my blog. Seems odd to do it that way.

And blogging by email! Each user should be able to set an email addy and a password and whatever else it takes to be able to blog by email. Admin option for allow it or don't, and if so how to define which of the multiple blogs/cats the blogger can post in will be "it" for email blogging.

The Excerpt textarea shouldn't be there if I'm not using it in my feeds. Screen real estate eh? Hey that would solve my problem with the Save button being out of reach of my stupid sensitive touchpad!

Okay breakfast was good. The hashbrowns are greasy beyond belief but the omelete and toast were good.


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