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thoughts while I clear my head


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thoughts while I clear my head

The evobar is cool but something about it is confusing me. I think having the evobar and the tabs is the thing. Like maybe because the evobar has some drop-down options and the tabs usually have subtabs so I guess I don't know which button to push when? Probably just didn't spend enough time playing with it before I started using it is the thing.

And 3 toolbars. Okay - 4 toolbars seems like a bit too much. Especially since I don't see a way to turn them off. The Video and Code toolbars could go for my purposes. I already went on a bit about how "b" and "str" are different methods to do the same thing right? Seems like a waste of real estate, but it's horizontal so it's cool I guess. So maybe a little "x" on the toolbars to turn them off, with an option somewhere to turn them on again?

Or maybe it just takes getting used to? Nah. Too many toolbars. For sure the Code bar is excessive. Too geeky for a blog app. Better to let a geeky blogger discover it and get a little wood from a code-specific toolbar than to always have it where regular people will see it. Same with video btw, except that's not a geek thing. It's just that if your blog has no use for embedding video then it's a waste of space.

I wonder about the space to the left of the "link to url" field? Is there room for "VideoBar (on)" and "CodeBar (on)" buttons? So like expert mode gets you all the extra features up there including all the toolbars, so once you're in expert mode you get to turn the extra toolbars on and off. I'm guessing that would be an AJAX thing. Or something. Something Danny knows how to do because he does that in the youtube plugin.

And since I'm ranting about toolbars: The quick tags toolbar really needs a way to do H tags in posts. And anchors so you can do like an index on long posts. I've often thought to re-structure a skin so that the blog title is H1, the post title (and potentially any link-specific page title) is H2, and then add a "H3" button to the quick tags toolbar.

Oopsie! Low battery!


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