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970 miles in 15.5 hours

970 miles in 15 and a half hours: further faster than the best day on the way out. It's beatable, but one would have to plan and execute flawlessly. Like fill up the night before and get out of where ever you are within an hour of getting up. 2 tops.… more »
  01:37:48 am, by EdB   , 203 words  
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lotsa miles

Pretty much on the 11 hour mark and I've got a bit over 660 miles behind me. 920 in 16 came from an average of 57 per, so right now I'm about 40 miles ahead of that pace. But I'm not moving because I'm waiting for a waffle from Waffle House. Here in… more »


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So far so good

7 hours into the day and I'm on track for a helluva ride. Top went up at 355 miles. Gotta remember sunblock next time... more »
  01:51:28 pm, by EdB   , 170 words  
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where I'm at

New Plan: go fly. That means get home, and that means get off I80. Looks like I78 then I71 are going to be my new friends today. Today being a potential record setter even though I've been up and putzing about for 3 hours. I wonder how stuff looks… more »

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A road trip test drive blog, meaning I take a road trip and check out b2evo v2. From PHX to ISP by ground. In an '05 Thunderbird without a map. Not that I don't know where I'm going - it's the thought that counts.


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