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worst 60 miles ever

Took 3 hours 45 minutes to get out of NY and all the traffic from the 2-lane-closing accident on the George Washington Bridge. 60 lousy miles in almost 4 hours :( Ended up with a lousy 450 in 10 hours, and no clue how many more miles to go.

This car is tops for road trips!

But now - now being tomorrow morning relative to yesterday having been a heavy traffic day - my back is starting to hurt. And my legs are unhappy with walking. They don't like driving either, so I think maybe it's the end of the line. Yesterday was too much time using the gas and brake pedals. Getting up to speed and locking it on cruise control helps my back not get stiff. I think it's because I can move my legs into more natural positions than the extended right required to operate a gas pedal.

Oh well. Whatever happens won't happen sitting here wondering why the tool bar has a button for "b" and a button for "str". Ditto for "i" and "em". They do the same things right? Also the "Code" tool bar seems like a mystery. codespan, codeblock, xml, and php buttons: why? I wonder if I can insert php into a post that will be executed before being sent to a browser. Let's see!


echo 'nope.  this is just pretty code display';
echo 'therefore it\'s just a fancy version of the "code" button from the top tool bar';

Oh well. I should either get going or decide to hang out a while. I really want to make a record day today, but the road has gotten a bit old ya know?

It's 6am in this time zone, probably 3am out in the car, and this blog thinks it's noon. Time to step outside and decide if I'm up for a thousand mile day. That seems like a nice goal right? A thousand miles in one day. In a T-bird. With the top down. Stopping only for the mythical "hottie in a sundress hiked up on one thigh hitch hiking who, when asked 'how far you going?' replies 'I always go all the way'".


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That's what I miss about the east coast. It's green. Lots of shades of green. And wet. Lots of moisture. Everything is covered with dew every morning and people here can't wait for it to rain again. I don't understand. It rained 2 weeks ago. Go figure...

The population density is madness, and there's no good hang gliding near where I'm at, but so what. I need to start looking in different parts of the country for work. Somewhere that has enough rain to keep a yard growing. Give up on the big desert air and the cars that never rust in favor of ... something different I guess.

My niece Kayla, who is 9 years old and clearly going to be a prick-teasing heart breaker even though she thinks she's a tomboy now, was *totally* into cruising the T-bird with the top down.

I gotta take a couple of shots of all the green out here even though it's only a cell phone. Damn I couldn't figure out how to get the phone to put the pictures on the stupid little card. I don't like reading directions but maybe I should make an exception?

I'm not going to New Orleans. South then West means driving through where there's been heavy rains and flooding lately. Back the way I came sounds dull, although part of me wants to just tear up the road and get home and go flying. But I think I'm going home via Las Vegas. My brother in law said Kansas has a flooding issue so I hope that doesn't trash my plans. Not that I have a plan...

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Made it to where I was going around 10p local time. 600 miles finished the trip. I probably got photos of stuff, but the stupid phone isn't worth messing with so, there you go. Did the birthday party thing. Hooray! Mom was quite surprised. Hooray! All that's over now. Hoo freakin ray!

So I guess I'm on break from my road trip. I think me and my brother are gonna go out and see if there's any dimwitted bimbos that need a do-ing. It's NY, so yeah there's a lot of bimbos to choose from. The downside is ... they're New Yorkers :(

Brass Monkey?


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nine hundred twenty

920 miles in 16 hours. Not the best performance ever, but not bad for an old guy :) Google says 589 more miles and 10 more hours. Okay that's cool. Once I'm on Long Island I can find a place for Saturday night, so it's not like 589 is required. Most of it, but not ALL of it.

Lower back is okay, but holy crap I'm tired. When the third day is the really good day and you've still got a hell of a fourth in front of you it's not a good thing. I should dig out the phone and see if there's any worthy pictures on it. I'm really mad at that phone for being such a piece of crap, but I guess I'm gonna have to get used to it.

Continental breakfast down in the lobby. I guess continental people eat bulk fruit-loop knock offs and drink truck stop coffee &#59;)

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Not quite, but not out of the question. 12 hours after hitting the highway I had just over 720 miles done. Taking a bit of a break, then drive till Cincinnati is in the rear view mirror.

Not much rain today. A squall or two. Fair amount of road construction :( Did a bunch of top-down driving too. Not sunny, but so what. Kinda nice to blast down the highway like that.

Oh wow Oklahoma has the coolest road! The company that made it even had billboards bragging about how cool their road is. Last of three was "enjoy 3 more miles of smooth road" - so I did :D

I haven't really bothered trying with the weather that much because basically I don't really have any bandwidth for extra miles. Close enough as it is ya know? Good thing today turned out to be mileage-intensive because I needed at least one this trip... Tomorrow will also have to be a very highway day if I'm to arrive in NY, so I better make more miles now.

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