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Not quite, but not out of the question. 12 hours after hitting the highway I had just over 720 miles done. Taking a bit of a break, then drive till Cincinnati is in the rear view mirror.

Not much rain today. A squall or two. Fair amount of road construction :( Did a bunch of top-down driving too. Not sunny, but so what. Kinda nice to blast down the highway like that.

Oh wow Oklahoma has the coolest road! The company that made it even had billboards bragging about how cool their road is. Last of three was "enjoy 3 more miles of smooth road" - so I did :D

I haven't really bothered trying with the weather that much because basically I don't really have any bandwidth for extra miles. Close enough as it is ya know? Good thing today turned out to be mileage-intensive because I needed at least one this trip... Tomorrow will also have to be a very highway day if I'm to arrive in NY, so I better make more miles now.


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