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lotsa miles


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lotsa miles

Pretty much on the 11 hour mark and I've got a bit over 660 miles behind me. 920 in 16 came from an average of 57 per, so right now I'm about 40 miles ahead of that pace. But I'm not moving because I'm waiting for a waffle from Waffle House. Here in ... Tennessee.

This is taking forever. Oh well. At least the speed limit is up to 70mph. Lots of cops in Ohio by the way. Everybody drove the speed limit, and slowed down when they saw a cop in the highway median. Ohio is cool except for that. Tennessee is cool too. Cheap gas, lots of green, and road trips starting from the middle of the country are funner. Gonna have to look around a bit online and see what's up with jobs I can make a lot of money at in this area.

This Waffle House sucks. Slow slow slow slow SLOW! How long can it possibly take to crank out a waffle and hash browns at Waffle House? One would think it'd be like a specialty thing instead of ... whatever it is that takes way too long to make.

Hey I'm leeching a signal from Days Inn! I don't know where they are but --- food!


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