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nine hundred twenty


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nine hundred twenty

920 miles in 16 hours. Not the best performance ever, but not bad for an old guy :) Google says 589 more miles and 10 more hours. Okay that's cool. Once I'm on Long Island I can find a place for Saturday night, so it's not like 589 is required. Most of it, but not ALL of it.

Lower back is okay, but holy crap I'm tired. When the third day is the really good day and you've still got a hell of a fourth in front of you it's not a good thing. I should dig out the phone and see if there's any worthy pictures on it. I'm really mad at that phone for being such a piece of crap, but I guess I'm gonna have to get used to it.

Continental breakfast down in the lobby. I guess continental people eat bulk fruit-loop knock offs and drink truck stop coffee ;)


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A road trip test drive blog, meaning I take a road trip and check out b2evo v2. From PHX to ISP by ground. In an '05 Thunderbird without a map. Not that I don't know where I'm going - it's the thought that counts.
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