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okay finally


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okay finally

no time on the road to do anything. didn't get out until 10:20 local time. didn't remember that time zones happen. took some shots with the stupid camera feature of the stupid phone. sucks. not cool. here's one. for clarity i'll tell you it's my hot little sports car.

I am sooooo cool!

I just did a preview and this skin is kinda funny.

Anyway I got rid of about 460 miles out of 2536 required. I'm able to walk, and the car just eats up highway.

And yeah the button for make a post of this image kinda confused me because I thought it would insert the code, but it made the image be the post. hmmmm.....

So now I'm at the Owl Cafe having breakfast. Very retro! Matches my hot little car. The waitress is kinda hot in a semi-goth-chic-pierced-nose sort of way, and she's a smart ass. That's cool. Owl Cafe is cool.


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