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The default category is 'road trip!'


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The default category is 'road trip!'

I just my new phone and broadband access card and laptop, removed Norton and Google toolbar and Yahoo Music Jukebox (or some such shit), installed AVG and ZoneAlarm and Firefox and Thunderbird, set Firefox as my default browser, set my home page to (what amounts to) the write tab, and so far I am NOT impressed with Vista. Or Verizon's ripoff broadband access.

That damned warning that pops up every time I install something on this box is gonna piss me off. Scratch that: HAS pissed me off!

Anyway I figured since I just got the basics going on the computer I'd do the blog thing. Still a couple of days from actually hitting the road, but they're work days so I pretty much had to get everything done today. I'm not done. I still gotta make up an email addy on the real PC and tell Thunderbird all about it here, and I gotta get the basics of the phone figured out. Popping out the stupid little memory chip isn't gonna do on the road, so I reckon I'll be emailing myself photos from the phone so I can post them. I'll be the bastards at Verizon will charge me extra for that... I gotta actually open the connection manager and connect to my damned account! Verizon Sucks.

And just to round things out, I can't desensitize the touch-pad enough to not click on stuff for no reason. Now I need a freakin' mouse to go with my laptop. That's bad, but Vista Sucks Worse. LESS THAN 4 HOURS AFTER INITIALLY TURNING ON MY SHINY NEW LAPTOP VISTA DECIDED TO SHUT ITSELF DOWN - THEN TELL ME IT WAS SHUT DOWN IMPROPERLY AND WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO DO? Unfortunately I've no idea what my choices were because moving the cursor inadvertently made it click on whatever is default. :-/

What started out as an day that could have turned out to be pretty expensive and all kinds of cool turned out to be pretty expensive and a total drag. On the upside I got a doggie door for Q-me and installed it mostly, and I got Sue the dog lady coming over twice a day to take care of her, and I got this place looking less like a dump, but I put way too much time into stuff that shouldn't have been as time consuming or annoying as it was.

Hooray! I made up an email addy and the laptop connected to it! I should send and receive something but I figure this is a good day to quit while I'm ahead. I'm not ahead. But I got the major stuff out of the way. Q-me has a doggie door and a someone coming over twice a day. I got the new phone (RAZR) and so far it's not a piece of crap. The laptop is okay even though I kinda want to get it a mouse. The broadband connection is Verizon Ripoff Junk but I guess I knew that going in. Vista is total crapware so far. "Live-blogging a road trip" doesn't seem as realistic as it did given, but that's life. To post a photo I'll have to email it to myself, turn on the laptop, and make the connection happen. Then blog. So it's not as easy as it could have been. A cable from the phone to the PC, and a nice copy of XP would make things easier, but whatever.

Oh crap I passed out on myself. Went from thinking 'go see Lori' to asleep in my computing chair in the blink of an eye. Now it's some god-awful hour in the morning and I gotta go to work tonight. *sigh*

Aw well. What can we do but do what we can? I spent last er Thursday evening and all of Friday doing last minute stuff (that shouldn't have been last minute stuff) getting ready for the road trip. I haven't touched the car though, so maybe I oughta start thinking in that direction next. The groovy new phone and the laptop with a broadband connection are up and running so that's cool.


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A road trip test drive blog, meaning I take a road trip and check out b2evo v2. From PHX to ISP by ground. In an '05 Thunderbird without a map. Not that I don't know where I'm going - it's the thought that counts.
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