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the end


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the end

200 more miles and I'm in the front door. A while ago actually, but whatever. Nice road trip. The car is at a car wash getting too much spent on pampering it. And by extension me the next time I drive it. I'm thinking that'll be tomorrow but I need to check weather for flying. No I don't: I need to get a sticker for my truck and do a little 5 hour day drive checking out some scenery. And a tow site!

Gonna have to wrap this up until the next time I take the car on a major road trip.

So the car has 2 flaws that need correcting. First, the windshield washer doesn't pump fluid to the windshield. It's been in for that once before and it's going back in again. It is unacceptable that the damned car can't clean it's own windshield! Second, the "A" trip odometer resets itself for no reason periodically. The first time it happened I could almost believe it was me resetting it. Twice more on this road trip convinces me it resets itself eventually. Not cool. I have no idea how many miles I did because I set "A" to 0 when I left the house. I set it to 0 again when I left NY. In both cases it reset before I got to my destination.

I need an effective way to compute from anywhere. 60 bucks a month for Verizon's National Broadband Access is unacceptable. It's a crippled connection (browser and email only), and on at least one occasion wasn't available to me. I pimped off someone else who was so it's cool. Anyway it's simply not worth what they want for it. 20 bucks a month and I'd keep it, but 60 per for 24 tells me to cut my losses and pay the cancellation fee.

I just got it back from Weiss Guys car wash. Way too much for wash and wax, but holy crap the car looks awesome. It smells awesome. It *is* awesome!

Yeah so I need a way to be able to use the laptop in full daylight. Operating out of the trunk is probably better because with it in the car it takes up the full passenger seat. After that a luggage rack that looks good, and happens to be a level place to put the laptop when I'm parked somewhere. I dunno. Gonna have to play with it a bit and see what works best.

Oh and for a fact this car is going to be able to haul one hang glider where ever it goes. I'll start looking for a shop to do the work, but I'll probably upgrade my exhaust system first. About a thousand bucks for whatever brand I was looking at. Increase HP and MPG while sounding cooler to those who can hear you. After that I need to have a rack designed. Probably 4 points of contact with the vehicle, but only one glider wide. Like a ladder rack only without a ladder low enough that you think the top can't retract and expand without hitting it but it does. And chromed. Gotta be chromed!

Also gotta get used to using a connection when I have it. Like drill down with googlemaps then do a screen cap for intersections that'll matter to me so that later I won't need a connection to pick up a detail or two.

Okay the trip is done. Tomorrow I'm going on a 5 hour pleasure drive, but the big trip is done. Later on I'll try to wrap up what it was like to blog via b2evolution when I'm not the admin of the domain.


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