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where I'm at


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where I'm at

New Plan: go fly. That means get home, and that means get off I80. Looks like I78 then I71 are going to be my new friends today. Today being a potential record setter even though I've been up and putzing about for 3 hours. I wonder how stuff looks in this skin? Like a link too long to fit EDIT: long links break the skin will do what? Also I oughta upload a picture that's too big for this skin then post it. Just to see. Because you see the stupid phone can do 640 or 320 wide (plus bigger and smaller), but it can't do 480 wide. Which I think would fit.

Greg and Joan's house in NY
Greg and Joan's house in NY in July 07, with James' SUV parked in the street.

Okay it looks like big images also break the skin, and 480 is a little too wide for the main column on a multi-post page.

Now back to the highway...

Oops! Links in my 'link to url' field don't go to the post title in this skin.


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A road trip test drive blog, meaning I take a road trip and check out b2evo v2. From PHX to ISP by ground. In an '05 Thunderbird without a map. Not that I don't know where I'm going - it's the thought that counts.
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